Top 10 articles of the week – 07/06/13

In a week that has been dominated by the vote on Same Sex Marriage and Ed Milliband’s speech on future Labour policy on welfare reform, these are my top ten articles this week. Note, I don’t necessarily endorse all the views expressed here, but feel that they make interesting and important points, observations, predictions etc. Please feel free to comment below! Thanks for reading.

  1. Church of England gives up fight against gay marriage by John Bingham – Daily Telegraph
  2. The most universal benefit of them all by Alex Hearn – The New Statesman
  3. Families to be £1,800 a year worse off by 2015, IFS says – BBC News Business
  4. Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes by Helena Lee – BBC News Magazine
  5. Gay marriage can’t be traded for tax breaks says equalities minister by Tim Ross – Daily Telegraph
  6. David Cameron believes in marriage so why doesn’t he support it? By Fraser Nelson – Daily Telegraph
  7. Unequal, Unfair and Unhappy: The 3 biggest myths about marriage today by W.Bradford Wilcox – The Atlantic
  8. DJ’s Complaining – Lazy Rich by Lazy Rich – Mixmag
  9. Labour’s record on poverty and inequality by Robert Joyce and Luke Sibieta
  10. Welfare reform – a political battle that affects millions of people by Kate Schmuecker – Joseph Rowntree Foundation blog

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