Top 10 articles of the week – 14/06/2013

This week, we’ve seen our current affairs and news landscape immersed in the revelations relating to PRISM – the so-called NSA surveillance program, a new report by the think-tank the Centre for Social Justice on fatherlessness and family breakdown, and the release of the Government’s latest figures on Poverty. Note, I don’t necessarily endorse all the views expressed here, but feel that they make interesting and important points. Please feel free to comment below! Thanks for reading.

  1. Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelation by Glenn Greenwald, Ewen MacAskill and Laura Poitras – The Guardian
  2. Q&A – What is Prism, what does it do, is it legal and what data can it obtain? By Nigel Morris – The Independent
  3. ‘A million children growing up without fathers’ by Hannah Richardson – BBC News Education and Family
  4. NSA slides explain the PRISM data-collection program by Washington Post – Washington Post
  5. A million children are growing up without a father by Claire Carter – Daily Telegraph
  6. The problem with Glenn Greenwald and the creepy cult that surrounds him by Willard Foxton – Daily Telegraph
  7. Miliband and Balls have fallen into a Tory trap by Mehdi Hasan – New Statesman
  8. It’s hard to be optimistic about a reversal of the rising poverty trends any time soon by Conor Darcy – LSE Blogs Politics and Policy
  9. Can business-industry collaboration help us get back on the path to growth? By Richard Muir – National Centre for Universities and Business
  10. The Bible is painfully realistic about the impossibility of any utopia, economic or otherwise, in this fallen world by D.A Carson – The Gospel Coalition

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