Top 10 articles of the week – 24/06/2013

In a week dominated by the ongoing crisis in Syria and the privatisation (or not) of  the banks Lloyds TSB and RBS, here are my 10 articles of the week. Note, I don’t necessarily endorse all the views expressed here, but feel that they make interesting and important points. As ever, if you feel the need to comment, please feel free to do so! Thanks for reading.

  1. The Alternative Queen’s speech, the full list of the 40 rebel bills by Mark Wallace – Conservative Home
  2. Ofsted chief says private schools are ‘marooned on an island of privilege’ by Adam Withnall – The Independent
  3. Will data journalism save investigative journalism? By David Hencke – David Hencke Blog
  4. Help! I’m a new Christian. What are the rules on dating? By Mez McConnell  (articles 1 and 2 also worth checking out) – 20 schemes
  5. Five reasons not to privatise RBS by Tony Greenham – New Economics Foundation
  6. A postgraduate loans system is critical to Social Mobility by Annika Olsen – LSE Politics and Policy blog
  7. The Sweidsh riots: What really happened? By Liam Mclaughlin – New Statesman
  8. What we can learn from same sex couples by Glenn T Stanton – First Things
  9. Labour rules out borrowing to reverse coalition cuts – BBC News Politics
  10. Your starter for ten. Which Minister is responsible for families policy? By Paul Goodman – Conservative Home

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