Top 10 articles of the week – 05/07/2013

In a week where we’ve seen the overthrowing of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, the debate surrounding transferable allowances for married couples hot up (Tim Loughton MP tabled an amendment to the Finance Bill this week) and Tom Watson (who played a leading role in the phone hacking enquiry) resign his role as Labour’s 2015 election chief, here are my top 10 articles this week. Oh, and there’s also been some tennis tournament thing in South London somewhere? As always, many thanks for reading and do feel free to comment if you so wish!

  1. Judging the line in Wimbledon by Tim Thornborough – The Good Book blog
  2. Is Dave just too modern for marriage? By Kathy Gyngell – Centre for Policy Studies
  3. ‘Preachers of LA’ brings the prosperity gospel to realty TV by Joe Carter – The Gospel Coalition
  4. Married couples to get tax break ‘very shortly’, promises PM by Steven Swinford – The Daily Telegraph
  5. Assessing Labour’s record: Many of the socio-economic outcomes Labour targeted improved, but it did not achieve all of its ambitious vision by Ruth Lupton – LSE Politics and Policy blog
  6. Education and employment destination data published by Department of Education – Department of Economic and Social Inclusion
  7. The malign media representation of Glastonbury and other events by Cyrus Bozorgmehr – DJ Broadcast
  8. Ed Miliband is running scared of Owen Jones by Dan Hodges – The Daily Telegraph
  9. Tom Watson’s resignation says more than the Labour leadership ever does by John Harris – The Guardian
  10. India’s Food Security Bill, by the mind blowing numbers by Nandagopal J. Nair – Quartz

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