Top 10 articles of the week – 12/07/2013

This week we’ve seen some interesting new research released on public perceptions of (amongst other areas) benefit take up, crime and immigration, an announcement by the Chancellor, George Osborne that plans for a transferable tax allowance for married couples will be announced in the upcoming Autumn Statement, and a plethora of other interesting bits of news, analysis and opinion. With this as a backdrop, here are my top 10 articles for the last seven days (bar one or two which despite falling outside this window I felt were worthy of inclusion.) Thanks for reading, please feel free to leave a comment if you wish!

  1. Listening to Young Athiests: Lessons for a stronger Christianity by Larry Alex Taunton – The Atlantic
  2. Perceptions are not reality: the top 10 we get wrong by Bobby Duffy – Ipsos Mori
  3. They got high on Jesus instead by John G Turner – Christianity Today
  4. Universal Credit Could See Parents Paying to Work, Not Making Work Pay by Katie Schmuecker – Huffington Post Blog
  5. George Osborne: Marriage tax break will appear in the Autumn Statement – Metro
  6. Scheme to let victims request meetings with offenders trialled – BBC News England
  7. Income gap between poorest and richest at 26 year low by Hilary Osborne – The Guardian
  8. Foolish, but no fool: Boris Johnson and the art of politics by Matthew Flinders – LSE Politics and Policy Blog
  9. Intergenerational poverty – myth or reality? By Julie Nelson – The NFER Blog
  10. Evidence based policy is the most meaningless phrase in Politics today by Ryan Bourne – City AM

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