Top 10 articles of the week – 03/08/2013

Royal CourtLater than usual (my apologies), here are my 10 articles of the week for the week ending 3rd August. In an eventful week for news and world events, we saw Presidential elections take place in Zimbabwe, retailer Sports Direct come under the spotlight for their use of zero hour contracts, and sentences passed in the Daniel Pelka and Bradley Manning trials, In amongst current affairs articles covering these topics i’ve also included other pieces of interest. Until next time….

  1. The remedy to religious guilt by Chris Castaldo – The Gospel Coalition
  2. NSPCC statement on sentencing of Daniel Pelka’s murderers by Peter Wanless – NSPCC
  3. Editors commentary: Theological Nerds? By Peter Benton – Evangelicals Now
  4. Dr Dan Boucher: Under this Government, we’re one of the most unfriendly countries to single earner couples in Europe by Dan Boucher – Conservative Home
  5. States with a history of undemocratic regimes in the 20th century are more likely to repress racist movements by Erik Bleich – LSE Politics and Policy blog
  6. Part II: Unmarried Cheating (Infidelity in Unmarried, Serious Romantic Relationships) by Scott Stanley – Sliding vs Deciding: The blog of Scott Stanley
  7. Religion and Politics by Nick Baines – Nick Baines’s blog
  8. Zimbabwe election was huge farce – Morgan Tsvangirai – BBC News Africa and Zimbabwe poll free and peacefull say Obasanjo and SADC – BBC News Africa
  9. Zero hours contracts – What are they? By Philip Inman – The Guardian
  10. Bradley Manning verdict another sorry verdict for Obama and US Liberals by Alex Safy Cummings – The Conversation

BONUS:  Tories hire Obama campaign chief Jim Messina by Allegra Stratton – BBC News Politics

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