Top 10 articles of the week – 16/08/2013

pyramidAfter a brief holiday break, this week sees the return of my top 10 articles. In the past 7 days we’ve seen tensions escalate hugely in Egypt with the death toll running into the many hundreds, and on the domestic front the Government have announced rail prices are to announce by 4.1% and many of the UK’s teenage population get their A-level results. Here are my top 10 articles plus a couple of sneaky bonuses! The usual disclaimers apply, Enjoy reading!

  1. 10 things I’ve learned after 26 years of marriage – by Ed Stetzer – Christianity Today (The Exchange blog)
  2. Updated: Experts reflect on Egypt’s turmoil by various – Al Jazeera
  3. Number of stay at home mums falls to record low by Louisa Peacock – The Daily Telegraph
  4. Both inequality and poverty cause health and social problems – they are forces that need to be tackled together by Karen Rowlinson – LSE Politics and Policy blog
  5. Job insecurity leaves marriage the preserve of middle-class couples – study by Sam Marsden – The Daily Telegraph
  6. From criminal to trainee cook: ‘I owe Gordon Ramsey a lot’ by Erwin James – The Guardian
  7. Voters punish politicians for misinformation that portrays them in a favourable light, but not for inaccurate information that attacks their opponents by Michael D. Cobb – LSE Europp blog
  8. Africa: Mugabe undaunted by Andrew England – The Financial Times
  9. Bias at the Beeb: addressing some questions by Oliver Latham – CPS Blog
  10. Free to choose? The impact of healthcare reform by Martin Gaynor et al – LSE Politics and Policy blog

BONUS 1: Yet another year of inflation busting rail fare rises will add to the cost of living costs by Maria Eagle MP – Labour List

BONUS 2: 10 ideas for change: The sharing economy by Clare Goff – NewStart

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