Articles of the week – 23/08/2013

Recording TechnologyIt’s Friday again, and that means its time for another top 10 articles of the week. This week, we’ve witnessed the detention of David Miranda, partner of Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald (who broke the Edward Snowden NSA leak story), at Heathrow Airport, a harrowing chemical attack seemingly committed by the Syrian Government on its own citizens, and the situation remain very troubling in Egypt. As usual, I don’t necessarily agree with all the opinions expressed in the articles. I hope you enjoy reading them nonetheless!

  1. Outrageous forgiveness by Alison Mitchell – The Good Book blog
  2. How do people forgive a crime like murder? By Naveena Kottoor – BBC News Magazine
  3. Abounding in the Work of the Lord Everything We Do as Christians or Specific Gospel Work? (1 Cor 15:58): By Peter Orr – The Gospel Coalition
  4. Working class voters and the ‘progressive’ left: A widening chasm by James Blodworth – The New Statesman
  5. The lost middle ground of reason by Richard Sandbrook – JOMEC @ Cardiff University
  6. David Miranda, schedule 7 and the dangers that all reporters now face by Alan Rusbridger – The Guardian
  7. The reaction to David Miranda’s detention is completely ridiculous by Douglas Murray – The Spectator
  8. The Horrific plight of Hungary’s Roma by Andrew Connelly – The Atlantic
  9. Amanda Lindhout tells of her captivity, torture in Somalia – CBC News Calgary (warning, some readers may find descriptions disturbing)
  10. Why HS2 won’t cost £80bn by James Waterson – City AM

BONUS: Are more than half a million youngsters too lazy to get a job? By Emily Craig – Full Fact

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