My top articles from January 2014 – Part 1

woman drinking wineBelow is a list of some articles i’ve  particularly enjoyed within the last month or so.  Themes covered this month include Christian persecution, ethics relating to prison sentencing, rising rail fares, the philosophy of science, welfare, obesity and censorship.  I don’t necessarily agree with all the opinions expressed in these articles, but I think they’re worth reading nonetheless. Parts 2 and 3 will be published very soon! Thanks for reading.

  1. Evangelizing prosperity gospel adherents by Allen Duty – 9 Marks Blog
  2. The closing of the Scientific Mind by David Gelernter – Commentary Magazine
  3. The Coalition will stay the course, but they won’t be getting the band back together after 2015 by Steve Richards – The Independent
  4. The “Help to Work” pilots: success, failure or somewhere in between? By Jonathan Portes – NIESR Blog
  5. Labour: We must ‘do God’ to fight anti-Christian persecution by Edward Malnick – The Daily Telegraph
  6. When it comes to drinking habits we are in collective denial by Melissa Kite – The Guardian
  7. Even life prisoners should have hope and a chance to change by Dirk Van Zyl Smit- The Guardian
  8. Believe it or not, rising rail fares are actually good news by Jon Shaw – The Conversation
  9. Confessions of an obese Christian by Thom Rainer – Thom Rainer blog
  10. Can Data be evil? By Chuck Klosterman – New York Times
  11. The censuring of Evander Holyfield shows how intolerant modern Britain is becoming by Brendan O’Neill – The Telegraph

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