My top articles from January 2014 – Part 3

man thinkingHere’s the third and final part of my top articles from January 2014.  Themes covered include, young people and the church, freedom of speech and expression, economics of the family, jobs and tax. Thanks for reading!

  1. How is God working in the World? Understanding Miracles and Providence by Justin Holcomb – The Gospel Coalition
  2. On the importance of the right to offend by Kenan Malik – Pandaemonium
  3. ‘Nuisance and annoyance’ injunctions abandoned after Lords defeat by Alan Travis – The Guardian
  4. Where is Unemployment the highest (infographic)? By International Labour Organisation – International Labour Organisation
  5. Petition to deselect LibDem candidate Maajid Nawaz for tweeting Jesus and Mo cartoon by Archbishop Cranmer – Archbishop Cranmer Blog
  6. The heavy price adults have to pay for independence by Donald Hirsch – Donald Hirsch blog
  7. Economists: Your parents are more important than ever by Derek Thompson – The Atlantic
  8. 3 common traits of youth who don’t leave the church by Jon Nielson – Church Leaders
  9. 50p tax – strolling across the summit of the laffer curve? By Paul Johnson and David Phillips – IFS
  10. Opinion poll exclusive: Labour lead cut to one point after Tories gain on living standards by Andrew Grice – The Independent

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