England’s route to World Cup glory

After months of hype, the 2014 World Cup is finally upon us, and with 24 hours to go until England’s opener against Italy in Manaus I thought i’d plot how simple it is for England to claim overall victory.

Yeah, about that……

Here’s some spreadsheets i’ve made which outline the scale of England’s task should they win their group or come second. England route to final 2014 Brazil

Embed from Getty Images

In summary:

1.) If England win their group, they’ll have to overcome IVORY COAST in the last 16, SPAIN in the quarter finals, ARGENTINA in the semi’s and then BRAZIL in the final.

2.) If England are second, they’ll have to defeat COLOMBIA in the last 16, BRAZIL in the quarters, GERMANY in the semi’s and then ARGENTINA in the final.

3.) Realistically, i’ve got ENGLAND either getting to the last 16 and losing to COLOMBIA, or getting to the quarters and losing to BRAZIL.

Binder’s Surprise Tips: CHILE, BOSNIA, FRANCE.

The spreadsheets also allow you to see how I think other countries will do. Agree/Disagree? Feel free to comment below and tell me why I’m right/wrong!

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