Binder’s roundup – 21st Feburary 2015

ShopAfter a one year (or so) hiatus, here’s a round up of some interesting articles you might have missed. Topics covered this week include Peter Oborne’s resignation from the Daily Telegraph, Online communication and privacy, the motivations of ISIS, the upcoming General Election and more.

Boarding School at an early age is child abuse by George Monbiot – The Guardian

How one stupid tweet blew up Justine Sacco’s life by Jon Ronson – New York Times

The Inexhaustible Fountain of All Good Things: Union with Christ in Calvin on Ephesians by Lee Gatiss – Themelios

What happens if no one wins the election? 1974 is a warning by Steve Richards – The Guardian

To all the young journalists asking for advice by Felix Salmon – Fusion

The coming online privacy revolution by Jamie Bartlett – Index on Censorship

LMA ststement on behalf of Paul Lambert by Paul Lambert– League Managers Association

What ISIS really wants by Graeme Wood – The Atlantic

Why I have resigne from the Telegraph by Peter Oborne – Open Democracy

Sin: Can’t live with it, won’t live without it by Tim Challies – Challies

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