Binder’s roundup – 9th March 2015

ShopHere’s a round up of some interesting articles you might have missed in the last fortnight or so. Topics covered include the meaning of life, blindness, sentencing policy in the USA, the upcoming UK general election, the ‘Nordic’ welfare model, moving the UK Parliament to Hull and more. As usual, I don’t necessarily agree with all the opinions expressed, but nonetheless found the articles worthwhile reads.

Whatever it takes by Jonathan Parnell – Desiring God

Would you like 5 million votes and 4 seats or 1 million votes and 56 seats? By Charles Morris & Harry Lambert – May2015

Felony murder: why a teenager who didn’t kill anyone faces 55 years in jail by Ed Pilkington – The Guardian

Delhi rapist says victim shouldn’t have fought back by Leslee Udwin – BBC News Magazine

Tim Farron profile: The Lib Dems’ leader in waiting by George Eaton – New Statesman

Seven things to consider if your spouse is not supportive of your ministry by Thom Rainer –

Labour’s higher education funding plans by Jack Britton et al – IFS

Do blind people really experience complete darkness? By Damon Rose – BBC News Ouch

Meet the man who could own Aviva France by Dan McCrum – Financial Times Alphaville

The Nordic model is no longer a holy grail by Philippe Pochet – Social Europe

Maybe we don’t need to move Parliament to Hull. But we do need to overhaul its alienating traditions, by Helen Lewis – New Statesman

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