ShopHere’s a round up of some interesting articles you might have missed in the last fortnight or so. As usual, I don’t necessarily agree with all the opinions expressed, but nonetheless found the articles worthwhile reads.

Do Christians love one another? By Ian Paul – Psephizo.
KEY POINT: How much do we love our Christian brothers and sisters?

A troubling attitude to statistics by Jonathan Portes – NIESR Blog
KEY POINT: Would at least some of the 105,000 ‘troubled families’ have turned around without the help of the Troubled Families Programme? Quite possibly.

This is why there are things we don’t say about race (even when they are true) by Joseph Harker – The Guardian

KEY POINT: ‘Facts in themselves are neutral but their interpretation certainly isn’t. And while on their own facts cannot be racist, the way they are chosen certainly can be.’

Who was St Patrick? By Kevin DeYoung – The Gospel Coalition
KEY POINT: St Patrick was a Christian missionary to Ireland. Who knew?

Wild Sex by Adrian Reynolds – The Proclamation Trust Blog
KEY POINT: Whilst secular advice about sex (and other issues) may be very helpful, it needs to be always filtered always through a biblical grid because, fundamentally, Christians views and the world’s views are wildly different.

Doubling down: Why increasing the personal tax allowance yet again is still poor value for money by Nick Pearce – IPPR Blog
KEY POINT: Raising the personal income tax threshold to £11,000 benefits those in the richer half of the popular half much more than those in the poorer.

Clarkson suspended for act of kindness – The Daily Mash
KEY POINT: Contrary to news reports, Jeremy Clarkson was suspended by the BBC for helping some disabled people.

Why do witnesses never bite back at grandstanding MPs? By Iain Martin – The Daily Telegraph
KEY POINT: MPs need to be more respectful toward Committee witnesses.

Dead stars and deep secrets: we are still in the dark when it comes to black holes by Michael Brooks – The New Statesman
KEY POINT: We don’t really know what’s in the middle of a Black Hole.

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